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Posted by randydeutsch in architect types.

…instead of reading this blog. [Actually, I’m grateful that you’re reading this blog.] If you are feeling a bit marginalized – as though in a game of musical chairs and find yourself in a wide circle looking in at one or two architects remaining in the game – then consider all of the things you could be doing right now

1.      learn new technology or software

2.      become a better collaborator

3.      attend an architecture lecture with a non-architect friend

4.      assess your emotional intelligence at work

5.      write a note to a client or a former client

6.      discover Chicago’s greatest architects

7.      become a better wordsmith

8.      take a seminar in marketing

9.      read DesignIntelligence online or in print

10. mentor an emerging architect

11. give a 7 minute slide presentation – join Pecha Kucha

12. enhance their portfolio

13. start a free blog on WordPress.com

14. really consider your personal brand

15. memorize your elevator speech

16. study for the ARE exam

17. re-learn how to freehand sketch

18. wordsmith a colleague’s proposal

19. get comfortable rendering in Photoshop

20. attend UIC’s summer would-be architect program

21. help younger architects understand downturns

22. get inspired watching TED Talks online [for free]

23. work on a side project with a friend

24. peruse the day’s architecture articles

25. recharge your architecture batteries

26. give a talk on architecture to local high school students

27. look up “architect” in the Oxford English Dictionary

28. watch an IM Pei DVD

29. write a recommendation for a colleague

30. visit an architecture website

31. complete your profile on your favorite social networking site

32. watch a Maya_Lin DVD

33. give a lecture on campus

34. study for the LEED_exam   

35. serve on a school design jury for half a day

36. get_involved at Architecture for Humanity

37. volunteer to conduct a peer review

38. improve both your creative & critical thinking

39.  work on a design competition

40. ask a younger architect to teach you something

41. join a professional organization

42. get comfortable speaking in public

43. revisit why you went into architecture in the first place

44. apply for a grant for a pet project

45. meet a former co-worker for after work coffee

46. discuss creativity with other creative types online

47. return to school

48. watch Sketches of Frank Gehry

49. ask a colleague or employer for a recommendation

50. become a better writer

51. redline a co-worker’s drawing set

We need to do what we can today, to focus and bolster our resolve, while the music is still playing and not listen to the naysayers and the eat-or-be-eaten crowd and those who would love to see architects everywhere succumb to economic, technological or evolutionary forces.



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