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RE: the economy March 29, 2009

Posted by randydeutsch in architect types.


What better excuse than The Great Sluggishness for these ten REasons to

1.      REset your expectations of yourself as though you were resetting an iPod or clock twice a year. Allow yourself to start over with a clean slate and give yourself 100% to something you truly believe in.

2.      REinvent yourself. Use this moment in time to be the person, the professional, you always envisioned for yourself and allowed circumstances steer you away from.

3.      REcharge your batteries. Learn a new skill, complete a long-shelved task, go after something you’ve put on the back burner. Get excited about something. Store-up your REserves for when things return to a more harried pace.

4.      REevaluate your goals. What you formerly thought was so important may no longer appear that way to you. Substitute what you truly believe in and want for yourself – or for your team – from here on out.

5.      REalign your allegiances.  Ask yourself what it is you truly believe. What is more important to you: Making every project a green project and being known as a sustainability go-to person or being a whiz-kid when it comes to the latest 3D software? Train yourself on a course of action and stick with it for the long haul.  

6.      RElegate once and for all habits that have been holding you back in the workplace. You know what they are: just REference your most REcent performance REview. Arriving later to work or to meetings, talking too much or not adding your two cents when appropriate and really needed? Zero-in on that which holds you back and REmove it forever from your traits.

7.      REclaim what is rightfully yours, what you might have given away during earlier times of duress. Bolster yourself with all that you’ve earned and make it yours once again.

8.      REciprocate. Think about those who have extended themselves to you in the past and extend yourself – make yourself completely available – to them. What goes around comes around – this is your time to make the rounds.

9.      RElinquish that which you do not have control over and let it go. For good this time. REfocus your energies on what you can control and make something of it. Something BIG!

10.  RElish this time, for it will all too soon pass. You heard that right. And though you might look forward to some future time like you have never before, there is no time like the present – so be present here and now. Make the most of this down time to recreate yourself for the 21st c. 2.0




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